The StretchRx – old

Doug has been helping athletes, weekend warriors and couch potatoes achieve their wellness goals for the past 30 years. His approach has always been holistic and balanced. His sessions with clients have included attention to multiple aspects of health, fitness and wellness in accordance with their needs. Flexibility and mobility training have been an integral part of his training regimen. This particular aspect of wellness has become evermore prescient as he has aged along with the populations he works with. Doug has found that one of the primary goals of his clients is to enhance flexibility and mobility in order to maintain function and decrease pain. In order to meet the needs of his clients, Doug has incorporated a modality combining functional training and The StretchRx. He also offers sessions based solely on The StretchRx principles of flexibility and mobility.

The StretchRx sessions consist of a gentle functional warm up followed by assisted stretching and mobility exercises based on the clients level of ability and areas of concern. Doug’s tenure in the industry has provided him with a plethora of modalities to draw from when designing an effective flexibility/mobility program. He is well versed and practiced in the following:

Static stretching

PNF stretching

Resistance stretching (Olympian Dana Torres)

Dynamic stretching

Loaded progressive stretching

Self myofascial-release techniques

Doug also uses the Hypervolt, a percussive vibrational massage tool popularized by Tom Brady, and infrared heat when needed.

You will leave your session feeling more limber, mobile and relaxed. Doug will also create a detailed program that you can implement at home to further improve your mobility and flexibility.