Doug Dobbs


What does personal well being mean to you? What are your goals to achieve your optimal state of well being? To help my clients attain their respective goals and achieve outstanding results, I implement a holistic approach: physical, mental, and spiritual.

As a deep student of my craft, I am passionate about learning the latest techniques and modalities and incorporating these methods on a personal level for each client.  Each session is personalized to take into consideration the very unique nature of well being. No session is ever the same; I keep things fun, effective and interesting.

I help save lives

A 55-year old Fortune 100 executive contacted me after his doctor said his lifestyle was killing him: he was overweight, smoking two packs a day, hypertensive, and had high cholesterol. We evaluated his negative lifestyle choices and integrated progressively challenging lifestyle changes (baby steps). Using diet, mindfulness based stress reduction, visualization, and exercises he enjoyed, he lost sixty pounds, stopped smoking, normalized his cholesterol and blood pressure, and is now living a happier, healthier and less-stressful life.

A recently-divorced woman wanted to enter the dating scene but felt she was not as attractive as she had been when she was years younger.  Having spent many years neglective her well being to care for her family she now found herself ready to take on this new challenge. We worked together to create a lifestyle plan that resulted in her losing 25 pounds by reducing her alcohol consumption and making wiser food choices. We also worked on increasing her strength, flexibility and mobility, which translated to a reduction in chronic back issues.

I helped another woman lose 20 pounds in the 8 weeks prior to her wedding—and she kept off 15 pounds (and still fits in the dress!). 

I help you look and feel better

I facilitate

A 50 year old mother, social activist, philanthropist and eternal optimist was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and underwent multiple aggressive treatment modalities. Together, we addressed the symptoms of her treatments and the lifestyle issues that would adversely impact her recovery by strengthening her body and mind to adapt to her changing body and the side effects of her treatment.  Happily, she is presently cancer free and on a path to sustainable self-care and wellness.

A 56-year old, who was neither athletic nor coordinated, wanted to play respectably on a recreational volleyball team. I guided him in packing on 20 pounds of muscle, while enhancing his flexibility (through TheStretchRx) power, and coordination. He now plays on two teams and has a mean spike. 

I help you enjoy competition

I can help you
get back to form

A 45 year old executive and former college golfer was complaining of back pain and limited mobility brought on by countless hours behind a desk and seemingly endless cross country business travel. His previously “scratch” golf game had diminished as had his confidence on the course and in the office. We implemented a functional training regimen focusing on mobility and flexibility. His workouts were 50% HIIT and 50% StretchRx and he is now pain free and golfing on par.

I led “Mom Boot Camp” when my daughter was in elementary school. The moms wanted a healthy and social alternative to sipping coffee and nibbling snacks while waiting for school to finish. They all found their inner competitor and had fun in the process.

Just for fun

I assist you in improving daily function

A 76 year old woman came to me following hip replacement surgery and months of physical therapy. She was still experiencing post-rehab limitations that prohibited her from doing some of the things that she loved, like dancing and hiking. A friend told her about my StretchRx program and after 2 months of the program, which included assisted stretching, myofascial release techniques and vibrational massage using the Hypervolt, she is back to weekly dancing and long walks in the woods.



I limit the size of my practice to provide each client with  the personal
and compassionate attention they deserve


Sessions at your Home, my home, in the Park or at the Office

Why train at home?

  • No health club fees!
  • Available appointment times on your schedule, from 5 am to 8 pm.
  • No need to leave the comfort of your home. Come as you are!
  • You can partner up with a friend, neighbor, or make it a group.
  • Doug brings the necessary equipment and/or utilizes what you have at home (or your building’s gym).

Get Outside

Doug wholeheartedly embraces the healing power of Nature!

  • Chicago weather permitting, training outdoors in a neighborhood park or along the lakefront is refreshing invigorating and fun!

Get Fit At the Office

Doug provides fitness classes before work, during lunch, and after work:

  • Enjoy the benefits of working out without leaving your office
  • One on one sessions or group fitness sessions
  • Get away from your desk for 45 minutes then power down a healthy lunch in 15. Back to the grind feeling energized!


“I have been working out with trainers in Chicago for over 15 years. Doug Dobbs is one of the best. I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back and Doug’s workouts were comprehensive and very doable. He understands the anatomy of the entire body and is able to put together a very thorough workout. I was able to lose weight and feel better for the first time in years. Thank you Doug.”
Sherife Jusufi
Lincoln Park Resident
“Doug is the most effective trainer I have ever worked out with! He has a wonderful ability to motivate and inspire. The group class he taught at our office enabled all of us to gain strength, toning and lose weight. Grateful to have Doug as a trainer!”
Gina Harris
Prashanti Events
“What seemed like a wonderful indulgence at first is now a necessity! TheStretchRx has dramatically improved my flexibility and enhanced my ability to recover quickly from a strenuous workout. Working with Doug has allowed me to know my body better and push myself farther than I thought possible."
Amy H.
“Working out with Doug not only improves my overall level of fitness but also helps me manage life stress. His creative programming has also improved my tennis game!”
Jerry Capell
“I have trained with Doug for over seven years. Initially, my goal was to generally improve muscle strength and tone. More recently, we have focused on core strengthening to compensate for a slight misalignment of my spine. From the comments of friends, the results of the training are very visible. I like to boast that I now have a “body by Doug.” I am very satisfied and strongly recommend Doug.”
“My husband and I have been working out with Doug for years. When we had our kids I worried it’d be too difficult to continue our at home training sessions. But Doug was able to involve the kids making it a fun experience for the whole family! He’s a personal trainer and a kid wrangler all in one.”
Sarah Esler & Alex Pearsall
“Doug is highly credentialed and a consummate professional. His master’s degree in Exercise Sciences and Psychology combined with his extensive experience result in a dynamic and rewarding program. In addition to individual training, he has developed a group approach that is flexible and mobile so you can train almost anywhere. I am currently training with Doug and two friends, it is a great workout and great fun!”
Shaunn D’Alessandro
“I was recently diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and underwent intensive chemotherapy followed by a radical mastectomy and radiation treatment. The surgery left me scarred with limited range of motion and I developed lymphedema while radiation left me with uncomfortable burns and limited physical abilities. Doug was there through it all, helping with my diet/nutrition, gently and progressively rehabilitating my body and providing me with constant encouragement and motivation. My doctors are amazed at my recovery and I am eternally grateful to Doug for his compassion, wisdom and guidance.”
Dita Merkel
“I have worked out with a lot of other trainers, but Doug brings a level of care and knowledge that is unique.”
Jackie Hilt
“I wanted a safe, effective and intense workout and Doug gives me just what I need!”
Greg Bolte