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Private personal training
Doug excels at customizing safe, effective, fun and challenging workouts that are guaranteed to create the results you desire. With over 20 years experience conditioning people from 10-76 years old, Doug draws from a vast array of modalities, including but not limited to resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, HIIT, circuit training, yoga, martial arts, and functional conditioning. Doug is inspirational and motivational as well as knowledgeable and fun. His workouts are certain to lift you up and challenge you, all the while bringing you the results you desire.

Partner or small group training
Collaborative training is becoming the new norm. Work hard and have fun, even while working out.  Training with your husband, wife, partner or BFF is not only a cost effective way of attaining your health and fitness goals, but can also lead to newfound closeness and understanding.

Small group training is a fun and affordable way of getting the expertise of a seasoned fitness expert without sacrificing the personal attention. Why not get together with co-workers, other parents from your child’s school, friends, parishioners or family to create a fun, effective and motivational and collaborative environment for attaining all your wellness goals.

CoreRobic Bootcamp
Doug’s skills as a strength coach and experience as a PT NCO in the National Guard make him particularly well suited for Boot Camp style training. This is not the G.I. Joe training of yesteryear, but rather a functional group exercise that incorporates multi-planar movements designed to elicit a broad adaptational response. The Core-Robic program incorporates cardio-respiratory endurance, strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, balance and plyometric training. Your inner athlete will come alive!

Sports-specific conditioning
Doug has participated in sports his entire life. Additionally, his experience as a Strength and Conditioning coach and an exercise scientist provides him with the skills necessary to improve your game, whatever it is and at whatever level.

Post-rehab conditioning
Doug’s lifelong athletic career meant spending time in the training room nursing various injuries. He is experienced with injury prevention, as well as post rehab conditioning following surgery/injury. Doug can work with you, your physician, and physical therapist to restore your body to optimal functioning.

Pre/post natal fitness
Doug has trained numerous ‘Moms To Be’ up to and after delivery, with an average labor time of 3.25 hours (yes, it’s true!). Maintaining balanced overall fitness and nutrition, in addition to optimal  pelvic floor conditioning is extremely beneficial for the health of the mother and the efficiency of the delivery process.

Seminars and workshops
Doug has been providing health related workshops and seminars for companies like Navigant Consulting, OAI and Greencorps Chicago since his days teaching at Illinois State University. Topics include Stress Reduction; Optimizing Fitness Wearables (think FitBit); Navigating Diet Trends (Keto, Paleo, Vegan); Outfitting Your Home Fitness Center (equipment selection, space planning); Workplace Wellness;
The StretchRx.
Facility Design & Setup/Equipment Consultation
Doug has extensive experience at facility layout and design, as well equipment selection. His experience as a retail and commercial fitness equipment sales consultant cultivated an innate eye for design and flow that will have your home gym, condominium workout room, health club or school fitness center operating efficiently, affordably and effectively.

Cardiovascular Conditioning 
Cardiovascular exercise improves the functioning of the heart, lungs and circulatory system. It decreases the risk of heart disease, alleviates stress, improves body composition, and enhances the overall strength of the body. Doug will develop a program that is suited to your specific wellness needs and your busy schedule.  
Resistance Training 
Increasing your muscle mass is the best way to chronically alter your metabolism to bum more calories to reduce body fat. Improvements in muscular strength and endurance will also increase your bone density, reduce the risk of injury, enhance recovery and improve athletic ability. Your weight training regimen will be balanced yet specific to your individual needs. 
Flexibility / Mobility Training 
Stretching exercises are important to reduce muscle tension, improve posture, promote circulation, decrease the chance of sustaining injury or low back pain, reduce joint stiffness and increase the range of motion in joints. Your current level of flexibility will be assessed then systematically improved through static, assisted, active-isolated, PNF stretching techniques and with the Hypervolt percussive massage tool.
Nutritional Wellness
Nutritional wellness is the process of choosing foods according to their nutritive and caloric values and developing proper eating habits. Doug will help you to develop an optimal dietary program by analyzing your current habits and recommending healthier alternatives. Doug will consult you during each training session in order to reinforce positive eating habits.
Stress Reduction
Stress is considered one of the primary causes of illness across all age and cultural demographics.   We cannot avoid stress it seems. Doug will guide you to integrate sustainable practices that will help you cope with the stressors of daily living,  including such practices as meditation, breathing exercises, Qigong, yoga routines, and biofeedback.